See the Candid Moments


Jess and Stephen

I have to admit - these two were painfulllllll to photograph. They were disheveled, grouchy, mean, not fun at all, and had miserable personalities. They looked awkward at all times, had ZERO chemistry and ZERO 'sparkle'. Everything you see here? Photoshopped. Yes, I'm that good. I can create beautiful, lively, charming and witty people with just a few clicks. I take full credit for the gorgeousness that you see before you. I am humble... also very delusional. This lady was my

Motherhood Shoot

I had the chaotic and immense pleasure of shooting a crew of moms being moms (read: rockstars, chefs, superheroes, multi-taskers, sacrificers, nurses, every-other-job-in-the-world = mom). I don't know if it gets MORE candid than capturing mothers manage their littles. These four gals got together and created a space to play, eat, sip coffee, pass out snacks and socialize. We photographed inside for the first half of our shoot and then wandered down to a local playground to fi