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Jess and Stephen

I have to admit - these two were painfulllllll to photograph. They were disheveled, grouchy, mean, not fun at all, and had miserable personalities. They looked awkward at all times, had ZERO chemistry and ZERO 'sparkle'. Everything you see here? Photoshopped. Yes, I'm that good. I can create beautiful, lively, charming and witty people with just a few clicks. I take full credit for the gorgeousness that you see before you. I am humble... also very delusional. This lady was my summer camp counsellor and later fellow staff member at the same camp. Her fella I ALSO met at camp (did I mention I also met my husband there? Yeesh). Jess and Stephen were genuine, easy, casual and needed no guidance - total dreamboats to photograph.

Pro tip: if you are looking to get cozy in the great outdoors - bring in the indoors out. All of it. Rugs, lamps, sheepskins, couches, baskets - there is no such thing as too much. You don't have a portable indoors to bring outdoors? Guess you better drop me a line - because I have loads!

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