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Motherhood: Becca

The term 'maternity photos' has - in my mind - been infiltrated by skin tight, colourful lace dresses, MANY hands wrapped around a woman's belly, very fascinating and stiff poses and bizarre nudity. Do not get me wrong - if this sings to you, DO IT. There is ALWAYS a place for bizarre nudity *seriously, always*. But because this never been my particular cup of tea - I was very adamant that this was a type of photography I wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole. I felt very certain I would never see eye-to-eye with someone else's idea of what the perfect 'maternity shoot' would be.

Well, turns out I'm not that special - and other people like what I like. Becca reached out to see if we could document the final stages of her pregnancy with her second boy and after talking briefly about the vision - I was jazzzzzed. I was excited because it felt like it resonated with everything I would want in the future. I felt I could bring it to life. They would be simple. They would be real-life (sigh* sorry, but no royal-blue-lace-mermaid-gown in the woods). They would be cozy. They would celebrate and focus on the MOTHER. They would be for her. It's no secret I'm wild about documenting motherhood - but dudes - ESPECIALLY this stage of motherhood.


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