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Motherhood: Chalie

As a warm-up to my motherhood shoot at the end of April (books are open!) - I got to 'play' with several moms to explore and test out the studio and figure out the vibe for this shoot.

My vision: create a beautiful space to capture moms and their children interacting in an authentic and easy way. The goal of this shoot was not to snap that perfect photo or attain perfection - I wanted to document and CELEBRATE moms being moms (the joy, the frustration, the fun, the tediousness, the love, the whatever-it-is-to-you).

Chalie is a gal I met through Instagram (check her talented self out @goldngrasses) and her and her brood came and crushed this airy, flower crown-wearing shoot. It was an absolute pleasure to photograph this crew. Vision: accomplished.


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