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My sister and I run a floral company (servicing Vancouver and the Fraser Valley - check us out on instagram: @floral.kin) that specializes in fresh, handmade flower crowns. I recently did a shoot with a gaggle of gals who were kind enough to model a selection of our flowery headdresses. They made those crowns look gooooddddd. As a bonus and a thank-you - I designated some time to capture them with their wee ones. The great outdoors, flower crowns, friends and babes (especially scowly babes in flower crowns)... Sounds like my kind of afternoon.

Pro tip: if you are looking for flower crowns, bouquets, flower crowns, wreaths, flower crowns, floral/greenery arrangements - Floral Kin would love to curate those for ya ;)

Flower Crowns: Floral Kin

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