You are More Than the Highlight Reel

People are messy, and they are raw.

They are complicated and they are vulnerable.

They are outrageous and they are shy.

They are chaos and they are charisma.

They are perfectly imperfect.

They are all of the things and we live for that.

We are here to facilitate and capture these authentic moments -

we are here to document your story.

Meet the Photographer

Welcome! I’m Logan - wife, momma, friend, creative - owner of The Candid Company. I’m one (maybe the loudest) of four children, I met my husband at summer camp (adorable, right?) and live with my fur/human family in Coquitlam, BC. I have a plant addiction and believe that there ain’t much flowers and greenery don’t solve. I love most things vintage and I’m an obsessive thrifter. I think that people are delightfully quirky, definitely unique, and are most beautiful when they feel comfortable ‘just doing them’... It is the greatest privilege to capture these real moments.